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Wisdom & Me

Wisdom of the "Uncommon" Variety


Thaddeus Jeremiah Wisdom is a cafeteria cook at an elementary school in the quaint fictitious community of Carytown. He watches and listens as the children speak of life's joys and woes and from time to time offers a fatherly word of "Wisdom." Household dynamics can really become challenging and confusing, but Wisdom Jesus loves children. And Jesus has Wisdom for all. The girls he calls, "Mary Liza 'Lizabeth Sally Sarah Jane." All the boys are "George." And he delights and entertains them with song and dance and but most of all he listens.  When a story needs a faith perspective, this wise father figure responds with, “Hmm… Wisdom always says…” as he offers Bible "Wisdom" through stories of his rich experiences with Wisdom, Himself. Along with a few tales tossed in of the shenanigans of his loveable dog OtisRedding, whom he found one day, "sitting on the dock of the bay".

Ransomed Beauty

Rescued Bride of Christ

Beauty. That elusive quality that makes one desirable. Lovable. Confident. Sought after. Valuable. Did you know that Beauty is one of the four innate longings of the human soul? But if we only knew it, as God's creation and the intended Bride of Christ we already are.


'Behold, you are beautiful, my love; behold, you are beautiful;'  Song of Solomon 1:15

How different would life have been if we had known that as little girls? Or as teens, young mothers, wives, single women, or widows? We are beautiful -- in every age and life stage. Uniquely crafted. Absolutely perfect in the eyes of our love-struck, enamored Savior, Jesus.

Ransomed Beauty is a place to remind you of just that -- You are beautiful. Absolutely perfect. Uniquely you. And Jesus, the Bridegroom, is head-over-heels smitten by you.

So join us as we live the Love life -- journeying together in a whirlwind romance with our wild-at-heart Beloved, Jesus. We'll share Jesus Girl stories, tips, testimonies, and recipes, of course.


Check out my website every month for ideas for Gathering (Entertaining), Puttering (arts, crafts, and repurposing), Nourishing, (healthy recipes and nutritional tips), and Homekeeping (taking care of your private sanctuary). Stay in touch with Linking -- share your own best websites, podcasts, interesting articles, and inspirational books. Your wisdom and insight are always welcome in our Comments section. And with your permission, I'll be sure and publish them, honoring you with credits and giving glory to God.

And don't forget to pick up the FREE GIFT every month! A printable spirit life or homekeeping product of the month.


Protecting Religious Freedom Across the Globe

Children learn love and hate, faith and fear and through words. It is a proven fact that the words of a parent, as the primary authority in a child's life, carry more weight than the words of family, friends, teachers, or the media. But with the world at large available at their fingertips, it has never been more important to monitor the information our children receive. And to protect their right to be a Christian amid the shouts of those who would shut down the voice of Christianity under the ruse of rallying for religious freedom. As a country founded on Christian values, we must protect our first amendment right to religious freedom and teach our children to hold it dear. The world is watching, and cheering us on. In 2020 we are at a critical juncture.

My friend Tina Ramirez, Founder of a global humanitarian organization called Hardwired, has made it her life's work to educate and empower people of all nations to understand the importance of religious freedom for all faiths. Tina works regularly with government, business, and academic leaders of globally, teaching them how people of all faiths can coexist without infringement of rights or fear of persecution.


One method is through a child-friendly curriculum. I have had the privilege of co-authoring some of the stories used in orphanages in the villages of these countries. 

Please take a moment to explore and support the extraordinary work of Hardwired.

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